2017 App Updates: v2.0.2 is coming to iOS App Store

December 19, 2017

My, oh my it's been a quick holiday season; we hope you've had a chance to enjoy some Yuletide cheer with your family. If not, there is still time! While the season has been dashing by, Santa's little elves have been busy working wunder the hood of the YuleFinder app making it better. They've focused this year on tweaking the map display performance, adding a couple of fun features, as well as laying out a plan for future releases—all to ensure that you and your family have the best Christmas light finding/posting experience available. They have so much in store and they can't wait to share more. Thank you for support and happy pinning!

The 2.0.2 update includes:

  • Added interface for New vs. Past light displays. Know where to explore this year!
  • Adjust the number of visible pins at a time to tailor performance to your device
  • Improved camera interface
  • Added push notifications

YuleFinder map display optimizations are coming!

November 25, 2016

Good news, fellow pinners! You spoke and we heard you loud and clear. The first round of optimizations are on their way to you for both Android and iOS.

Included in this update:

  • Optimizes map and pin display performance for most iOS and Android users
  • Adds a small status message to let you know when YuleFinder is working on updating pins as you navigate around the map

Where, oh where are all the pins?

November 22, 2016

UPDATE: As of November 25th, we now have over 130 light displays pinned in Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City, OK. Way to go, keep them coming!

Talk about anticipation! Without any promotions to speak of, a few of you showed your true pioneering spirit. You saw the chance to be in-the-know on the best Christmas light displays your town has to offer. You downloaded the YuleFinder app. You opened it, expecting oodles of sparkly Christmas joy only to notice "hey, where are all the pins?!” Great question!

Being the first year of this mobile application, we struggled early during our development with a dilemma: do we populate the lights and locations from our old database we’ve built up over the years? Or, do we start fresh and deal with a potentially spartan map upon launch? The former, had we chosen this route, would have likely lead to the unfortunate "I got there but there were no lights" scenario. The latter resulting in our anticipated response, ”hey, where are the pins?!"

Well, we chose the latter route, opting for starting with a nearly blank slate. The notion that you’d get all bundled up, brave the elements and show up with no lights to enjoy was just too much for us to bear. As a result, we’re taking this time—between now and till around Thanksgiving weekend and beyond—to populate new pins in as many major metros as we have contacts (30 and counting at the time of this post). Most major displays are up now and will be available on the map in short order. New pins are coming daily!

The reality is, though, there’s no way for us to find all the hidden little gems. We need your help! We specifically designed the app to be user-driven so everyone has the ability to participate and share what they’re seeing out there. Spread the Christmas-time love! So, this season, post your finds on YuleFinder and bring light to the many shining faces waiting in eager anticipation. YuleFinder will only be as good as the community makes it...merry pinning!

We'll see you on-the-town!

-The YuleFinder Team

Did you Know?

YuleFinder started in 2010 as a web-only application. Version 2.0 of the mobile application is now available!